Uninstall Python Package with Pip

Python packages are used to add new libraries and features to Python. The Python packages can be uninstalled with different methods which are also related to those packages’ installation methods. Most of cases the pip package manager is used to installing, update and uninstall Python packages.

Search Python Package

Before uninstalling the Python package we can search for the package with its name. The pip search can be used to search a package.

$ pip search django

Show Python Package Information

Detailed information about the package can be displayed by using the pip show command. This command shows information like name, version, summary, author, license etc.

$ pip show django
Show Python Package Information

Uninstall Python Package

We can uninstall Python package by using the pip uninstall command. The package name is provided as parameter. In the following example we uninstall the package named django.

$ pip uninstall django

Uninstall Python Package Globally

A package may be installed globally by using the sudo command. This installs package for all users. We can uninstall the Python package globally by using sudo command.

$ sudo pip uninstall django

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