Python with Statement Tutorial

Python programming language provides the with statement for different purposes like exception handling, file reading etc. The with statement makes the code more elegant and easy to read where the same functionality can be implemented without extra effort.

“with” Statement Advantages

The with statement provides some advantages which are listed below.

  • The resource management is done in a more easy and safe way preventing unexpected resource errors.
  • Allows reusing the code in an automatic way during setup and teardown phases for the given operation.
  • Helps to avoid resource leaks and more efficient resource management.

Open File Using “with” Statement

One of the most popular use cases for the with statement is using to open files in a secure way. The file open statement is put to the same line of the with statement and file operations are put inside the with statement code block. When the with statement code block execution is completed the file close method is executed implicitly and the with statement ended.

wih open('/home/ismail/db.txt','w') as file:

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