Python os.mkdir() Method Tutorial

Python provides the mkdir() method in order to create directories in different operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc. The mkdir() method is provided via the os module. The mkdir() method creates the specified directory with its only name or using the full path. If the directory already exists the creation returns an error.

os.mkdir() Syntax

The syntax of the os.mkdir() method is like below.

  • DIRECTORY is the directory name we want to create. The DIRECTORY can be also the full path of the directory with its name.
  • MODE is the permission information like “777”,”700″ etc.

Create Directory

We can create a directory with the os.mkdir() method. In the following example, we create a directory named pythontect in the current working directory.

import os


During the usage of the mkdir() method we can provide the directory full path with the directory name like below. In the following example, we create the directory named “pythontect” in the “/home/ismail/” for Linux operating system.

import os


For the Windows operating systems, we can use the following example to create a directory with a full path using mkdir() method.

import os


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