Python Array Tutorial

You may ask how to use Python arrays. Well, Python does not provide a data structure with the name of the array but instead of arrays, it provides the List data type. The Python list provides the same functionality and usage with the array in other programming languages like C#, C, PHP, etc. In this tutorial, we will use the terms array and list interchangeably where simply show how to use lists like arrays.

Create Array

The Python array can be created in different ways but the simple and fast way to create an array is using the brackets and providing the items by separating them with comma. In the following example we create an array named names and put some names as array items.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]

Alternatively an array can be created by using the list() function like below where items are provided as parameter to the list() function.

names = list(("ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif"))

Acces Array Items

Python array provides indexing for each item. The items can be accessed by specifying the item index in square bracket. In the following example we access the items located at index numbers 1 and 2.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]

a = names[1]

b = names[2]

Modify Item in Array

The Python array can be modified by accessing them using item index numbers. Just provide the item index number in square brackets and set the new value for the existing item place.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]

names[1] = "ali"

Length of Array

The array item count or length of the array can be found by using the len() method. The array variable is provided as parameter to the len() method like below.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]

count = len(names)

Iterate over Array

Python array is an iterable data structure which makes it very powerfull and usefull. The items of the array can be iterated in different ways by using different loop types like for loop , while loop etc.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]

for item in names:

Add Item to Array

New items can be added into the existing array in Python. The add() function of the array object can be used to add new item. The new item is provided as parameter to the add() method.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]


Remove Item from Array

Existing item can be removed from the Python array by using the remove() method. The item value we want to remove shoudl be provided to the remove() method.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]


Alternatively the del statement can be used to remove the specified item from the Python array. The item can be specified by using its index number.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]

del names[0]

Sort Array Items

The Python array provides the sort() method in order to sort items in the specified array. The items in the array is sorted inplace.

names = [ "ismail" , "ahmet" , "elif" ]


Array Methods

Python array provides a lot of useful methods which can be used to add, remove, edit, pop, count the items or array.

append()Add a new item to the array
clear()Remove and clear all items in an array
copy()Copy and clone the array
count()Count array items
index()Search, find and return the index of the specified value in the array
insert()Add a new item into the specified index in an array
pop()Remove the element at the specified position or index of the array
remove()Remove the first item with the specified value from the array
sort()Sort the list items

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