Import Math Module In Python

Python provides the math module for different mathematical functions. These functions can be used for calculations like ceil, factorial, floor, square root, mod, remainder, etc. The math module is a built-in module that is provided without any extra installation. The import math can be used to import math modules and use provided functions. In this tutorial, we examine different functions provided by the math module by importing them.

“import math”

We can use the math module and provided functions by importing it with the import math .

import math

We can also add some alias to the math module name in order to call it a short name. In the following example, we set the math module alias as m where we can use provided functions by using an alias.

import math as m


Minimum Value

The min() function is used to return the minimum value from the provided list of values.

import math

minimum = math.min(7,4,9,5)


Maximum Value

Similar to the minimum we can use max() function of the math module to find the maximum value.

import math

maximum = math.max(7,4,9,5)


Absolute Value

The abs()method of the math module can be used to return absolute value for the specified value.

import math

a = math.abs(-5)

b = math.abs(5)


Power can be calculated with the pow() method of the math module. The base is the first parameter and power is the second parameter.

import math

result = math.pow(4,5)

Square Root

The square root is implemented as sqrt() in the math module.

import math

a = math.sqrt(9)

Pi Value

The Pi value is used in different calculations related to geometry. The Pi value can be provided via the math module without any extra definition.

import math


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