How To Open File Using with Statement?

Python provides different ways to open and use files. The open() method is used to open a file in a traditional way and then close the file with the close() method.

Opening File Conventionally

By default open() method is used to open a file and close() method is used to close the file in a conventional way. file operations may create some errors or exceptions which crash the script.

f = open("data.txt")

data =



Opening File Using with Statement

The with statement can be used to work with a file by opening, reading, and writing it. The advantage of using with statement is there is no need to close a file which is done implicitly. The file operation code is written inside the with statement block. The syntax of the with statement for file operations is like below.

with open(FILE):

In the following example, we read the file contents and print them to the screen.

with open("data.txt"):
   data =

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