How To Install Python Pandas with pip Command?

Python Pandas is a popular Python package that provides different data structures and data types in order to work with tabular, multidimensional data types and time series. Python pandas is provided as a 3rd party package where it should be installed explicitly. Even there are different types of installation methods using the pip package manager or command is the easiest and reliable way to install Python pandas. The following instructions can be used to install pandas for both Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, CentOS, and Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows server.

Install Pandas For Python2 with pip Command

Even Python2 is older version of the Python and currently the usage percentage is decreasing day by day you may need to install Pandas for Python2. In order to work with Python2 package the pip2 command is used. First we will list the Python2 pandas package information with the following command.

$ pip2 show pandas

and then we can install the pandas package with the following install command.

$ pip2 install pandas

Install Pandas For Python3 with pip Command

Python3 the current and most popular version of the Python programming language. Today all Python applications are developed with the Python version3 and older applications are migrated into the Python3. We can install the pandas package for Python3 by using the pip3 command. But first we will list information about the pandas package like below.

$ pip3 show pandas

and then we can install pandas package with the pip3 command like below.

$ pip3 install pandas

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